Thursday, August 14, 2014

Iced Mocha 2

Drink: Iced Mocha 2
Type: Coffee
From: The Friendly Bean
Price: $3.63
Description: Chocolatey

Thanks to some Yelper friends, I finally made it to The Friendly Bean over at the corner of North Oak and Barry Road. Small, but full of charm, this coffee shop definitely lives up to its name. The staff is incredibly friendly, as were the patrons who were sipping on coffee, chatting, and plucking away at laptops.

The drink: smooth, creamy, light, full of mocha.

Along with a delicious brownie, I enjoyed the iced mocha, reminiscent of chocolate milk with the hint of espresso aftertaste that isn't overpowering or harsh. It was light and felt like a true treat.

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