Thursday, August 14, 2014

Full Steam Black Tea

Drink: Full Steam Black Tea
Type: Tea
From: Hugo Tea Company
Price: $9.99 per tin
Description: Smooth

This local tea company has been on my radar for awhile. Hugo Tea Company is based here in Kansas City, providing organic loose - leaf teas all around the metro area. Sold in both grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops, this tea is definitely worth checking out.

The drink: pure, clean, light, tasty.

This black tea is perfectly blended without being tart or sweet. There's a wonderfully pure tea flavor that comes through, both when brewed traditionally and made as sun tea. Found in the Natural Section of my local Hen House, I had trouble selecting which tin to purchase: Berry Rooibos, True Jasmine, White Cloud, or the Full Steam. I'm glad I selected this black tea - it's incredibly versatile.

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