Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lemon Tini

Drink: Lemon Tini
Type: Alcoholic
From: BC Bistro
Price: $7
Description: Fresh

As delicious as the BC Tea is at this local bistro, which a bunch of other cocktail options, I decided to branch out and try this lemon martini. Hand made by the incredibly friendly staff (who are not at all judgmental on the number of times I frequent their establishment...), this cool, summer martini is exactly what you want a lemon drop to be.

The drink: fresh, light, citrusy, sweet.

One of the best things about this martini is is that it doesn't have the bitter vodka flavor that lingers oftentimes, which is a testament to both the quality of ingredients and ability of the staff. This little corner bistro has great food, a great staff, and delicious cocktails. 

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