Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vieux Carre

Drink: Vieux Carre
Type: Alcoholic
From: The Majestic
Price: $10
Description: Flavorful

The Majestic, formerly The Fitzgerald Saloon, is an iconic KC staple located on Broadway. With wonderful food, great cocktails, and a jazz club that features live music seven nights a week, this downtown spot is great for date nights.

If you're looking for a late lunch, the happy hour menu is affordable and delicious. Their version of a Vieux Carre comes on the rocks and has a lingering spicy flavor that pairs quite nicely with their awesome burgers (one of the best in town).

The drink: spicy, flavorful, intense, smooth.

It's a wonderful sipping cocktail with deep flavor from the Old Overholt, Deau VS Cognac, and Dolin Sweet Vermouth. I can't wait to pair this with a night listening to music in the 100 year old building.

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