Thursday, October 9, 2014

Falling Leaves

Drink: Falling Leaves
Type: Alcoholic
From: '37 Steak
Description: Autumnal

One thing I really appreciate about Mike Strohm from '37 Steak at Harrah's in North Kansas City is his love for new and strong flavors. His new fall menu is inclusive of these, including this perfectly spicy and smokey whiskey-based cocktail.

The drink: spicy, strong, smokey, crisp.

Mike starts with scorching a board and letting the wood smoke fill the glass while preparing the cocktail with Dark Horse Reunion Rye. The addition of floating house-made cardamom liquor on top is quite nice. The complex flavor, spiciness, and smokiness compliments the rye flavor really, really well. The name is obvious, as this cocktail has both the color and crispness of autumn leaves.

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