Friday, August 1, 2014

Lemon Prickly Pear Snowcone

Drink: Lemon Prickly Pear Snowcone
Type: Snowcone
From: Little Freshie
Price: $3.25
Description: Tart

I haven't been able to decide what I like most about Little Freshie on the West side. It might be how adorable the shop is, the delicious pastries, the hand-crafted espresso, or the fact that all of their naturally-based flavors are available as sodas, slushies, and snowcones. Flavors change weekly, but are available online to see. They always have their spicy ginger fizz, sparkling lemonade, and house made shrubs. Other flavors I've seen are raspberry rose, root beer, and green tea pear.

The drink: citrusy, refreshing, cool, flavorful.

While not technically a drink, this snowcone was amazing. It was lemony with the tartness and pucker factor of the prickly pear. If you haven't tried prickly pears, they tend to be polarizing. My grandfather had a tree in his garden and they are truly unique. This is a great way to experience the fruit in a pleasing way, with the lemon and sweetness of the syrup adding to the taste.

I think for my next trip I'll order one flavor three ways and see how each method changes and enhances the flavors.

Be sure to check out this soda from Little Freshie!

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