Thursday, July 3, 2014

Honey Almond Toddy

Drink: Honey Almond Toddy
Type: Coffee
From: Kaldi's Coffee
Price: $3.80
Description: Light

Kaldi's Coffee (a Saint Louis original) has been on my radar for some time, so I was pleased to discover one near me in Zona Rosa. Recently, Kaldi's bought out the six area Latte Land shops and are slowly making the change over. According to the barista, Latte Land had been brewing Kaldi's coffee and the change made logical sense. Make sure you #FollowTheGoat and check out this unique iced coffee drink:

The drink: smooth, clean, refreshing, semi-sweet.

The signature summer drink is toddy shaken with honey and almond milk, giving it a very subtle hint of sweet and nuttiness. I couldn't get enough, and nearly ordered a second one.

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