Sunday, June 1, 2014

Underdog Wine Co.

I'm no wine sommelier, but I do enjoy a nice glass of vino and trying different ones at wineries and shops. I found myself near the Underdog Wine Co. building on 55th downtown and I'm so glad I did.

After receiving the nickel tour from Ryan, I can see the appeal of this tiny shop. It's unique set-up is very user friendly - especially if you're (like me) not super familiar with all the names, types, styles, etc...

The shop is set up by taste and style, rather than region like most wine stores, starting with sparkling wines then moving around the room to whites, roses, reds, then dark reds surrounding the center shelves of liquor.

It means that if you know that you like Riesling, you can bet that you'll like the wines on nearby shelves. It's also set up so that the "cheaper" wines are up top and the more expensive wines are on the lower shelves. Ryan explained that this is because so many "cheaper" wines these days are great, quality wines, and so people can be more comfortable choosing wines from all ranges and make decisions based on taste and price and not feel badly about it. All in all, a pretty smart set up.

There's also a section of wines near the window that are 6 for $60 that you can mix and match to your tastes, plus a fun gourmet chocolate initiative of chocolates from independent makers all over the country.

Oh, and of course you can bring your four-legged friends in - which is awesome.

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