Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prince Henry Tea

Drink: Prince Henry Black Tea
Type: Black Tea
From: Anna Marie's Teas
Cost: $7 per 2 oz.
Description: Floral

National Iced Tea day was this week, and in true KC style - it was cold and rainy. But that doesn't mean the rest of the month isn't perfect for some lightly-fruity iced tea. I gathered some samples at my last visit to Anna Marie's (located in The Terrace Avenue Inn in Liberty) and this naturally flavored black tea was one of them. I chose to make sun tea, since I'm inherently lazy and it requires such little effort.

The drink: fruity, light, floral, and fresh.

To make sun tea, I fill my large pitcher with water and add two self-made tea bags. In each bag, I put about 4 t. of loose leaf tea. There's no real math behind this - in regular tea you should use 1 t. of loose leaf tea per 8 oz. water. This iced tea measurement comes from a lot of trial and error. Then I put the pitcher in a sunny spot for about four - six hours.

I also like my iced tea weak (more like flavored water), so what I do is fill my glass about 1/4 of the way with tea and then add ice and water - it also helps the tea last a long time (I mentioned the laziness, right?), but if you enjoy a stronger flavored iced tea, just add ice.

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