Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mocha Latte 2

Drink: Mocha Latte
Type: Coffee
From: Parisi Artisan Coffee
Price: $3.25
Description: Robust

Driving down I35 through downtown, I've seen the building with Parisi neatly printed across the side for years. I finally made it to one of their cafes, and was pleased to be able to try their house-made chocolate in a coffee.

The chocolate has the strong flavor of a dark cocoa, which mixes well with their espresso. It has an earthy flavor with creamy aroma. I paired mine with a champagne macaron in the modern-style cafe at Park Place in Leawood.

The drink: rich, cocoa-y, creamy, strong.

Parisi's Arte Della Tazza is based on hand-crafted practices such as infusing espresso on site, made-from-scratch marshmallows, and pour-over or press style brews.

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