Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fazenda Lagoa Brazil Roast

Drink: Brazil Roast
Type: Coffee
From: The Roasterie
Price: $2
Description: Wonderful

After going on a Factory Tour at The Roasterie, I felt compelled to buy a cup of one of their air-roasted coffees. I ended up going with the brew of the day, which was the Brazil. Served up at a beautiful bar surrounded by industrial chic decor (including parts of airplanes) with views into the roasting facility, this cup of joe was great! (Also the fact that the building has an airplane on it - awesome)

The drink: smooth, buttery, flavorful, with hints of tarty sweetness.

Based right here in Kansas City, you can't miss this coffee business. With several cafes located around the metro area, and online purchasing availability, along with their new single-cup serve options (read: KCups), there's no reason not to take this brand for a spin. You should also take the free tour, which provides a solid foundation on which to enjoy your coffee.

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